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On the design bench


No new stuff on the shop these last 2 weeks but we are working hard to propose you some new stuff.

First a medieval cottage in resin is being designed right know and should be added by the end of the week (pictures to come).

Some old miniatures will also be added, like the skeletons, elfs, dwarfs and men at arms these are miniatures designed by Mark Evans almost 20 years ago. We are sorting them, remaking some moulds and then they will be added to the store this week or the next one.

And now, for something completely different, we are working on some supplements for the 5th edition of the classic roleplaying game, a complete adventure tailored for some of our miniatures, but of course also usable by players who do not use miniatures, and a small supplement with magic items. Some others are also on the pipeline and will be announced in due date !

Stay tuned to be informed of what’s happening at Via Ludibunda !

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